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Data centres MANOC 6/7 data centre

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MANOC 6/7 data centre

MANOC 6/7, reviews, ratings and information
Unit 20/21 Cobra Court, Manchester, M32 0TB, gb.
Telephone: 0800 458 4545
Contact email: [email protected]
Carrier neutral: Yes
Generators: Yes
UPS: Yes
Aircon: N+1
Gen Level: N+1
UPS Level: N+1

About MANOC 6/7

MANOC 6/7 is owned and operated by

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MANOC 6/7 suppliers.

While it is usually best to contact a data centre directly if you wish to obtain space or transit, the following companies present on claim to offer transit or co-location services in this data centre. Ltd

Ip transit, Co-location, Dark Fiber, Leased lines