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SmartBunker data centre

SmartBunker, reviews, ratings and information
Crown Buildings, Claxby St Andrew, LN13 0HJ, gb.
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About SmartBunker

When it comes down to basics, you’re looking for a cost-effective and 100% dependable partner to deliver your managed hosting.

Results speak volumes. With over 24,000 supported users across 70 countries* and 15 years’ experience behind us, you can be confident that your hosting could not be in better hands.
Zero risk

In a changing world, selecting the right hosting provider is no longer a simple case of weighing cost against efficiency. It means asking some tough new questions …
How secure is my data?

With computer hacking and cyber crime becoming ever more sophisticated, security is critical. And as most data centres are located in vulnerable urban areas, there’s also the very real risk of accidental or deliberate physical damage to your servers.
Contrast the traditional data centre with Smartbunker…

Located deep underground in a remote ex-NATO nuclear bunker. A 30,000 square foot, world-class, purpose-built data centre. Three metre thick steel and tungsten reinforced walls. Add to this state-of-the-art electronic defences, automatic fail-over – which guarantees that faults have minimal or no impact on service availability – bullet-proof physical security, and optional managed firewalls. We think you’ll agree that data doesn’t get more secure.
What is the environmental impact of my hosting presence?

Because not all hosting providers are the same. In fact Smartbunker is the first and only data centre in the UK to provide low energy, high performance hosting – with zero carbon emissions (not to be confused with ‘carbon neutral’ offsetting). Uniquely,100% of our power comes from wind-generated energy, and our managed servers utilise low-energy technology to consume up to 60% less power than their conventional counterparts. Compare this with a traditional energy-hungry data centre, which consumes more power than an equivalent sized blast furnace, and you’ll understand why this makes such good sense.
What does zero carbon mean for you and your organisation?

Quite simply, it reduces your impact on the environment. And in an age of increased corporate accountability, growing legislation and a new awareness of green issues, there’s never been a better time to take a responsible lead by reducing your carbon footprint.
Zero excuses

Even the most sophisticated technology in the world accounts for little without the vital human element. At Smartbunker we take our people very seriously. If you have an issue that needs resolving, you can expect to receive world-class service and live technical support from our award winning team – 24×7x365 – zero excuses.
And … zero additional cost

Now what if we told you that we could provide all of this and more for the identical cost of ordinary, energy-inefficient hosting? Because you’ll pay no more for Smartbunker zero carbon hosting than for traditional and ‘carbon neutral’ hosting.

Would it make your buying decision that bit easier?

Where is this data centre?

SmartBunker suppliers.

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