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Data centres CCS Leeds DC14 data centre

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CCS Leeds DC14 data centre

CCS Leeds DC14, reviews, ratings and information
Ring Road, Leeds, LS14 2AQ, gb.
Telephone: 01132946699
Contact email: sales@ccsleeds.co.uk
Carrier neutral: Yes
Generators: Yes
UPS: Yes
Aircon: N+1
Gen Level: N+1
UPS Level: N+1

About CCS Leeds DC14

About Us

C.C.S. (Leeds) Ltd CCS Leeds helps business owners establish their presence on the Internet. Our UK data centre is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire. CCS Leeds has been an internet service provider since February 1998 and has seen a structured grown year on year since then. As technology has developed and advanced so have we, meaning that we are always one step ahead of the game and can always provide the very best of the latest technology to benefit our clients.
Network and Connectivity
We run our own servers and equipment, located in data centres in the United Kingdom. Our data centre features the very latest world-class resilient infrastructure, including multiple levels of 24/7 security, stable high-capacity power supplies, fire protection, in-house support and environmental controls. The network is fully meshed and redundant with multiple backbone carriers and true diversity.
Our Team
Our success is mainly due to our employees' dedication and hard work. Our highly qualified staff ensure that we provide the best customer support. We do our best to help our customers no matter what their level of expertise is.
The Future
We are more than confident about our future. We believe that through cooperation with our customers we can establish a lasting business tradition. Our goal is to continue offering affordable solutions while actively participating in the advancement of the Internet as a whole. We're also a firm believer in financial reinvestment. In brief - we look forward to providing our services to your site.
Some of Our Services
Premier Internet Service Providers

C.C.S. (Leeds) Ltd are secure and reliable UK leased lines, Ethernet first mile, voice over IP, hosted solutions and internet service providers, ensuring continuous internet connections for a range of business sizes and residential customers. Fast and continuous internet connectivity is essential to a range of users, in both corporate and residential environments and with internet connectivity provided by ourselves and a range of others, CCS Leeds are one of the best internet service providers in the UK.
Award Winning Web Hosting Sites

C.C.S. (Leeds) Ltd is one of the UK Premier web hosting sites, hosting countless domain names on the state of the art servers. We are currently the hosting provider of choice for thousands of businesses and individuals worldwide. There are many ways in which CCS Leeds stands out from the competition, including our network facilities, our hardware and our online Control Panel - putting you 100% in control of your account.
Voice Over IP products
We offer a range of VoIP Products and services for residential users, small businesses and right up to large multi-site corporations.
A reseller account will appeal to IT companies and resellers, with features that will encourage your client-base to save money on their telephony running costs, whilst earning extra revenue for the reseller.
Ethernet First Mile (EFM)
C.C.S. (Leeds) Ltd Ethernet First Mile services offer secure, fast, dedicated, uncontended and reliable internet connections to those businesses who cannot justify the cost of a UK leased line. EFM is cutting edge technology and delivers high speed internet connections on standard copper pairs.

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C.C.S. Leeds Ltd

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