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    Data centre fuel reserves and Diesel bug?

    I was just thinking about this, not entirely sure why.
    However with boats diesel bug is a fairly major concern and can create a nasty thick sludge that blocks the engine filters and causes untold problems.
    There are plenty of solutions from additives to prevent it, through to permanent filters through magnets that seem to work.
    Multiple tanks are also used to prevent all fuel being contaminated.

    It had me thinking, data centres store the reserve fuel for quite some time unless used up regularly. What precautions are taken? As it really wouldn't be good when you need to fire up the generators if suddenly the filters were clogged up and they all stop.

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    Fuel has to be cycled and polished regularly - bacteria, water, dye separation all mangle up your filters and generators

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    Paul Carter
    Systems Enginner, M247 Ltd
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    Any opinions and views are my own, and not of M247 Ltd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulC View Post
    polishing is the answer
    And for boats, the WASP/Separ stuff is good

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    Yep know all about boats! Although they don't tend to polish the fuel, just use additives instead to keep the bug away.

    Makes a lot of sense.


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