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    Managed switches

    Hey guys and gals!

    New to the forum but 2ondered what managed switches you guys were using for your colocated equipment?

    I'm setting up a new project and have never used a managed switch previously but have good general knowledge of the setup required.

    This is what I'm looking for:

    1) Assign external IP for remote use.
    2) port speed limiting
    3) snmp ( I know most have this)

    Thanks guys and great community you got here.


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    We use a mix of Juniper EX, HPE ProCurve and Arista.

    Juniper EX run JunOS and so have a great CLI and very good routing support, which makes them great core switches. The particular models we use also have some basic MPLS features, which can come in quite handy.

    HPE ProCurve give a good price/performance/feature balance and we just use them for basic layer 2 VLANs in the access/edge layer.
    These are what became the E-Series after HP bought 3Com and I think now carry Aruba branding. They're very different to what was the A-series (the old 3Com switches) which run the Comware operating system.

    We only use the Arista switches for our iSCSI storage network - basically we needed something with deep buffers and they fitted the bill.
    From a CLI point of view, EOS is basically a clone of IOS and so is pretty basic and somewhat clunky.

    If you don't have any experience with managed switches and configuring things on the command line, then you might want to look at something with a good web interface, at least to get you started.
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    We use the Brocade ICX-7250-24 which gives 24 1Gb ports and 8 x 1GB / 10GB Fibre Ports.

    We put these in our racks now as pairs "Top of the Rack" and have them connect back to our Brocade Routers at 20GB via two 10Gb feeds. Never had a problem or issue.

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    Web interface would be a plus

    The setup would be a simple feed from the DC into the rack, into my managed switch and then out to the appliances.

    It's mainly the features I mentioned and the cost as it's only going to be on private servers and maybe a few spaces sold to fill the rack and thats where my port limiting comes in.

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    You may get away Netgear ProSAFE GS724Tv4 for around 100

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    And the netgear would allow port speed / bandwidth limiting?

    I can go to around 400 maybe 500 at a push

    Cheers for all the help guys really appreciated...

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    Hi, take a look at HP 5120-24G EI Switch JE068A for 260 This will do more then you need.

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    Uk26 thanks for the suggestion, it does seem to to offer alot of functionality for the money fair play.

    Just to confirm I can assign it an external IP? And it will all allow me to limit ports to say 10mbit or 50mbit as an example?

    Thanks again
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    You would normally restrict the speed via flow control to the required Mbps. This will allow you to set it to 33Mb for example. The port speed you can set at 10, 100, 1000MB

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    Thanks that's great so would most L3 managed switches have flow control?

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    yes and so do some web smart switches. some call it rate limit etc

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    Juniper EX series here. Never had any issues.

    The web interface is *ok*, works best in Chrome though.
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    Cheers, just out of interest do you get issues in other browsers?

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    What sort of price point is one with the "upgradable" interfaces upgraded to 10gig please? I can only find the prices for them "none upgraded" ie with 1Gb SFP cages

    EDIT: The Brocade 24xgig + 8x10 mentioned above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uk26 View Post
    Hi, take a look at HP 5120-24G EI Switch JE068A for 260 This will do more then you need.
    I found this switch would this be somthing similar to the above mentioned?

    HP 5120-24G EI TAA-compliant 2x Interface Slots - JG245A

    Thanks for all the help guys...

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