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Thread: Cheap VPS

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    Cheap VPS

    Hello, we’re looking for cheap VPS in different datacenters for $3-$5. Plase specify Country and datacenter name.
    VPS specs:
    1. At least 512MB RAM
    2. 5GB HDD
    3. 1TB Bandwidth

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    Quote Originally Posted by mydc View Post
    Hello, we’re looking for cheap VPS in different datacenters for $3-$5
    Per day ?

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    Rob, don't your VPSs start at like £4/month :P

    The OP will happily be able to find /plenty/ of VMs in many locations meeting or exceeding these requirements for <= $5. I have a couple myself from two or three providers.

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    DigitalOcean for speed and ease

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    I can recommend you a good and cheap VPS but it don't fits your budget. For $10. Datacenter's name is Equinix and it's situated in Netherlands.
    The specs are:
    2.11 GB SSD
    3.Unmetered Traffic
    5.2 IP's as default

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    I'd recommend you to use cheap VPS accounts from linovus.hosting and libertyvps.net.
    They have active tech staff which is online for 24 hours.

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    Been looking for a solid hosting company to buy a VPS from and it seems like every review site I've found is just pushing the hosting company with the biggest affiliate commissions. I'm looking for an inexpensive VPS I can remote into and run SEO tools / social media automation software from. So far the best deal I've found is VPSNET which seems like it'd do the trick (and the price is right) but figure you guys would have some good recommendations too

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