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    AWS = expensive bandwidth, Scaleway = unreliable

    Dear Experts,

    I was spending about $500/month on AWS bandwidth charges, so I decided to move some functionality to a supplier whose charges were fixed, with "unlimitted" bandwidth. I chose Scaleway and I have one of their cheap ARM64 servers. I pay 12/mo for that and my AWS bill has dropped to about $200/mo.

    Unfortunately, Scaleway seems to be unreliable and has some nasty issues. Specifically, they are permanently "out of stock" of most of their virtual machines and if you need to restart your machine for whatever reason there is a good chance someone else will grab it between you pressing "off" and "on". And although they say you can connect as many storage volumes as you like to your machine, they omit to say that (a) it will go down for several hours while connecting them and (b) the total size of all the volumes must not change (yes really!).

    After learning about this the hard way, I now use AWS Route 53's failover DNS to switch from the Scaleway instance to a backup AWS S3 bucket when necessary. This is not perfect but it is more than good enough for my needs.

    Tonight, my Scaleway instance has gone down for no obvious reason and I'm wondering if I should spend some time looking for a better alternative. Essentially, I need a provider who offer a straightforward Linux virtual machine with "inclusive" or at least very cheap bandwidth, for of the order of 100 GB/day. This is primarily for UK connections.

    How would you do that?

    Thanks for any suggestions. --Phil.

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    3TB/month isn't that heavy.

    If you're price concerned, then don't expect the moon on a stick with reliability etc.. but something like a mid-size Digital Ocean droplet comes with 5TB/month data transfer for $40/ month.

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    Thanks Steve. Yes I was looking at Digital Ocean. One of their more interesting products is S3-compatible storage, which seems very good value. See https://www.digitalocean.com/communi...alocean-spaces . Anyone have any experience with that?

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    In case anyone else is interested-
    One way of getting cheaper AWS bandwidth is with their “Lightsail” product. This seems to be a direct response to DigitalOcean and provides a virtual machine with bandwidth included in the monthly price. The cheapest option is $5/mo with 1 TB included; at regular AWS S3 / EC2 prices, that 1 TB would cost you $90!
    This $5/mo machine only has 20 GB of storage, but I think you get free transfers from S3 buckets in the same region (or at least much cheaper than the internet bandwidth cost - TBC.). So you could use a Lightsail instance as a (caching) proxy in front of S3 and reduce your bandwidth costs by 90%!
    I’ve not yet actually set this up; I’m currently evaluating Digital Ocean Spaces. But if that proves unsatisfactory in some way I’ll reconsider.


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