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    Lightbulb Do you need dedicated server hosting?

    There are many options available to host web content and applications, and we often hear the question, "Do I need a dedicated server?" In this article we will try to address some of the major considerations, and help answer that question.

    There are some important points to consider before searching for dedicated server hosting:

    What is your budget?
    By nature, dedicated servers are more expensive than hosting solutions like virtual servers or shared servers. It is important to consider that if your budget is low, it may be wiser to search for a virtualized solution (like a high-quality VPS).

    What is your current resource usage?
    This is the primary factor that should be considered when thinking about the necessity of a dedicated server. If your website, database, or other application has “outgrown” its current server or hosting account, then it could be very beneficial to move to dedicated hosting. Dedicated servers are most useful for medium- to high-activity applications, which not only require dedicated resources to be in use constantly, but also require the availability of additional resources to accommodate activity spikes and periods of high load.

    Do you have special software requirements, security requirements, or bandwidth requirements?
    Often, other types of hosting are restrictive when applications require making specific adjustments to the operating system, or specific firewall/security modifications, or if they require dedicated bandwidth. All of these are provided with a dedicated server, resulting in significantly easier and more streamlined management of many system aspects.

    With these questions in mind, it becomes easier to find the ideal server. There is no "best" server, only the best server for your application. You should consider the amount of RAM, processing (CPU) power, and bandwidth that will be required to support your website or application, and begin configuring a server based on those details.
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    Are you really that dumb?

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    What did I miss? Spill the beans :O
    Sean McRobbie - Specialising in virtualisation since 2005.
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    Spam - same rubbish posted everywhere.

    Ban him / her / it.

    Mike Clift
    Mandarin Business Solutions Limited | Hosting for the UK Travel and Tourism Industry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaiacom_LC View Post
    What is your budget?
    "I need it to be as cheap as possible. We're running on a budget and until the business can afford it, we need to spend as little as possible. I hope you understand."

    Quote Originally Posted by Gaiacom_LC View Post
    What is your current resource usage?
    "We have about 18 websites and some are busy whilst some are not. I think one of them gets a lot of traffic and runs a shopping cart system so if you can give us as enough resources to run the busy sites and a little more to run the quiet ones, that would be ideal."

    Quote Originally Posted by Gaiacom_LC View Post
    [B]Do you have special software requirements, security requirements, or bandwidth requirements?
    "Yes, we currently use software to run our webserver HTTP (don't know which version but it should be the latest). We run a lot of code on it as mentioned above (sorry I'm repeating myself). We need it to be secure because we keep a lot of private information. (Is this something you can manage?) I'm not sure how much bandwidth we use but if you give us around 100TB that should keep us going for a few months. We can always buy more if we need it.

    "Please send a quote as quick as you can as we'd like to proceed immediately."

    Hours later:

    "Thanks for the quote but we decided to go with someone else who had a really good offer on."

    Days later still:

    "Something's gone awfully wrong. Are you still able to help us with our websites?"

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    Nice article. It’s give good advice for newbie.

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    Just make sure, whoever you pick, to do your homework. Web hosting is kinda like going on a job interview.. "its all about being at the right place at the right time." just because 50 other people may have bad experiences, doesn't mean you will.

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    thank you, I think it's useful

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    This is a really good article. Thank you

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    Good article. Dedicated servers are always the best. But only heavy usage customers would be able to afford it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by svijayan View Post
    Dedicated servers are always the best.
    Freethought Internet
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    You offering dedicated hosting?


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