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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Web Hosts only section

There are 3 levels of membership to the Hosts only section.

There are;

* Basic Host
* Certified Host
* VIP Host

Important Note:
We will delete all of your posts and possibly ban you if you are caught dragging up old threads or posting rubbish to artificially increase your post count. The limits and requirements are in place so that you become part of the forum community first and get to know the members of the forum, and vice-versa.

In order to gain hosts only access you will have to complete the steps that you will find on the right of the forum once you are logged in.The "Important Steps" are located on the right of the forum under the "User Information" box. There are new more strict requirments to gain access. These are listed as follows.

1) Have made at least 30 posts for basic access
2) Have made at least 2 of these posts in the last 6 months
3) Be on a registered company (either the profile master or as listed staff on one)
4) To accept the forum hosts only area key points and terms of service
5) You need to verify you own the url by placing a small text file on your site temporarily to prove you have access to the domain.
6) Your Company profile will need to be manually reviewed by WHC staff within 7 days of you submitting it.
7) Before access is granted the existing hosts members have 72 hours to bring up any points they feel may require us blocking access to any members or hosts.

All members must also be on a registered company with the forum as either the company owner or as staff added to that company. A hosts membership is at User level, not at company level, there will be no fast-track, all Users need to satisfy the above points.

You will automatically become a 'Certified Host' once you have 60 posts.
You will become a 'VIP Host' once you have reached 1337 Posts (and 50 being within the last 6 months) or if an existing VIP member creates a poll to have you invited to the VIP Host group. For the poll to be successful, you must have at least 10 positive votes but 0 negative votes for invite-based access to be granted.

Members must follow strict rules to avoid being downgraded or banned from hosts only section.

Major offences;
* Lying about details on company page - 6 month ban from hosts only
* Deception, fraud, etc - perm ban from hosts only
* Abusive language, abusive to others - 12 month ban from hosts only
* Bankrupcy of your company - perm ban from hosts only 1 month after discovered

Minor offences;
* Spamming - removal of advertising rights
* More than 50% posts as ads - removal of advertising rights until within ratio

Other offences;
* To be decided if you have clearly not used your common sense.

Advertising policy

We run a strict policy on Webhostchat with regards to advertising.

1. No Self Promotion outside of the clearly marked "Advertising" forum section

2. No Advertising outside of the clearly marked "Advertising" forum section

3. To advertise in the Advertising section you must be a hosting company representive and have already signed up for "hosts only" access at WHC

Paid Advertising opportunities

If you would like to know more about advertising please email us using mail@bb-dev.com and we shall let you know more about our prices and availabilities.


The Webhostchatco.uk Discussion Boards are a public service. Forum2.co.uk assumes no responsibility for any postings and/or their content, including contents of any private communication between the membership.

Where alerted via the Private Messaging or Internal Email system please ensure you state clearly your username and thread/post number(s) you wish to comment on.

Upon receiving your alert we will provide mediation between parties regarding contested content and will take action with regards to amendment or removal of content subject to all parties agreement.

Our response may take upto 12 hours depending on the time/date of alert.

We reserve the right to amend/remove content or restrict access to the Webhostchat Discussion board where we have grounds to believe it is being used against our policy and/or abusively.

If you have any questions regarding this disclaimer then please submit your questions via email to admin@webhostchat.co.uk

Signature Rules

The following are the Signature Rules for WHC. If you do not adhere to them, you will be warned, and then banned. If you are clearly joining the forums and spamming, you will be insta-banned.

For NON WebHost-Status Members:
Signatures must be:
1. No more than 2 lines long;
2. No text-based nor hyperlink URLs;
3. IMG tag is NOT allowed;
4. No prices or product details are permitted;

For WebHost status members:
1. No more than 5 lines long;
2. Hyperlinks are allowed, upto 4 links to company websites or brands;
3. IMG tag is NOT allowed;
4. Upto one special offer product can be placed into your signature (price / url) taking up no more than 1 line

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