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    Garrys Mod (gmod) servers from 0.42 per slot at UKGame

    Hello Everyone!

    UK Game are now offering Gmod servers from as little as 0.42 per slot, just checkout Garrys Mod servers - uk game servers for more information.

    Our Features include;

    Ultimate Networking
    Our servers are based on only the best networking in London, with direct peering to almost all European isp's and many even further away than this, we should give you the ultimate ping!

    The best Servers
    We use superior rackmount servers in London datacenters that we own ourselves, all our servers have 1333 MHz FSB, tons of ram, and Gigabit network ports ensuring a steady FPS at all times for your server and perfect bullet registration.

    Free Mumble Voice Coms
    We now offer 12 slot Mumble voice coms for FREE to all! Larger servers and Teamspeak are also available at shocking prices! Voice Servers

    CPU Assurance
    We monitor all our servers at all times, we never have any cpu core peaking over 30% cpu leaving plenty of processing power for map changes, and round starts, and the most important part, keeping your bullets going on target!

    Free Web Hosting
    Via our own custom control panel we are developing, UK Game Web Hosting, you can use a subdomain or your own domain, you can also park all your other domains if you require!

    Public as Standard
    All our servers are public as standard, you can of course add a password if you choose, we also throw in free De-branding to all our server orders!

    Top end Game Panel
    Our game panel gives you the control! It is powerful and feature packed, with plenty of mods and map packs to install at the click of a button.


    We pride ourselves in leading on pricing, giving you the best value money can buy, with our self owned hardware, huge network and bulk buying power

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    You will also have the SVN auto updater system thats now in place.
    No more need of uploading or updating your Addons or game modes for Garrys mod 10

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    Hi Karkey and welcome,

    Yes we do offer the SVN auto updated which is very handy

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    Just Like to announce UKGame's SVN System is now version 3.0
    This version has been heavily tested and developed in C#

    What might it do you ask ?
    Its a simple system that helps Garrys Mod Administrators update there addons game modes very quickly directly from the developers URLS for the latest updates

    • You edit 1 file to the corresponding addons / gamemode you want installing and it will install it in record time directly from the developers URL, by clicking install / update on our game panel
    • It Supports New Installs & Updates
    • It Supports Manual Updating ( You Click When you want it installing ) or Scheduled Updating You set when you want it to be run ( no Clicky Click)
    • Logs are created for problems/ installs & updates
    • No "svn" folder in each folder (speeds up loading & space)

    The Installation & configuration of this system comes complete with videos, so it makes everything simple

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