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Thread: Gigabythost

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    Quote Originally Posted by [inx]simon View Post
    Working for a well known UK GSP which will remain nameless

    I hope you mummy does not call you down for dinner at the wrong moment and then start blaming your mum for the fact that you were unable to support them!!
    This post to me makes you look far more pathetic than the poster. It certainly brings a bad image on INX to be making these sort of posts.

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    Clearly the element of sarcasm was missed on you, and so have removed the original post

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    I've just explained to Simon it's best not to say anything even when its glaringly obvious to be said. Something I've learnt from experience and why I now have other hobbies to vent my frustration like Spanish classes, reading political books, and sitting in those pubs that 18 year olds drink at, and watching it all unfold. I'm sorry if any offence was caused by Simon pointing out the obvious, in what was a sarcastic tone- I'm not a fan of sarcasm.

    To be fair though, everyone else was putting a boot in- just doing it the accepted WHC way.

    Anyway- good luck with your new site Tom.

    EDIT: I would have gone and had a look round, but the site doesn't appear to be loading.
    Last edited by [inx]Olly; 8th April 2010 at 10:39 AM.

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    The sites working now....Yeah its not that good is it?

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    umm there isn't anything there!

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    Hooray for generic "coming soon" man! Pretty sure that exact same image was on one of our client's sites at some point... it's a widely used image judging by a quick search.
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