Iím from PlugPayPlay which is an established, top spec, low cost game server provider. I came across your site when I was looking for top gaming clans in the UK. I assume from looking at your website you have a large following, and thus must have quite a few servers.
I wondered if you would be interested in hearing about our services and if we could offer you a better deal than your current provider both financially and performance wise.
If you are interested this is our website: www.plugpayplay.com you can take a look at our prices and check out some of our servers. We also offer dedicated servers which are high spec for a price we believe cannot be matched by any other GSP: http://www.plugpayplay.com/dedicatedservers.php , we also offer webhosting, as well as free webhosting for any game or dedicated server clients. Another useful thing is web creation and setup very good for any start up communities and clans or if you feel you just need a new fresh site to encourage more signups. We offer servers in the UK, USA and Germany.

Feel free to approach us if you have any queries on our live support which is located on all pages of the site.
If you are interested make sure you speak to one of our live support, or email me directly on this email address: myles@ens-ltd.com feel free to request a test server on any of our games, we have a wide range from mine craft to counter strike source, you can see our full range here: http://www.plugpayplay.com/gameservers.php If your game is not there just ask us and we can make sure that it is!

As a side note PlugPayPlay is a trading name of Easy Networking Solutions Ltd (www.ens-ltd.com) , Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope to hear from you soon.


Myles Patterson:
(Sales and Marketing Director)