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    I preferred Wordwise anyway

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    *rolls eys*

    *cough* old *cough*

    *walks off*

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    All irrelevant without:

    Anyhow that aside the most important thing was whether you had a linear (black, and that was before it melted the Beeb case) PSU or SMPS... The rest is irrelevant as the case will slowly sink into the PSU with the weight of a pencil on a long running linear and that is before you add the weight of a telly or god forbid Cub monitor
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    You are all old
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    Oooooo taking me back to school now... I remember the cub monitors, some special dual 5.25" drives, and banana double sided disks!

    I'm feeling old now, even though I'm only 30 How computers have changed so much!

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    DD, SD, SS disks --- then the old drives without the double heads where you took the disk out and flipped it over!

    I've 28 and I remember it all too... when men had to know how it worked or you couldn't get to play Elite. These kids today with their PS Box 360s and their X Station 3s, by god we loved it.

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    I'll take a pong server plz

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    Quote Originally Posted by administrator View Post
    What type of slots are you offer? Are your server host in englich?

    Be easy on him, He's Iranian according to the company director details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FirstNetServLTD View Post
    Be easy on him, He's Iranian according to the company director details.
    Being Iranian is not a crime, but being racist is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by readymakers View Post
    Being Iranian is not a crime, but being racist is...
    I was defending you i have nothing against Iranians. Infact i actively support the nation.

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