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Thread: Hosts Only Section - Joining

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    Hosts Only Section - Joining

    You can now find the comprehensive list of WebHostChat Joining Rules/Requirements; Advertising Rules & Signature rules in the WHC FAQ:

    To join the hosts only forum - please visit

    Please make sure you check the remember me box when logging in to use the company pages!

    Last edited by administrator; 17th May 2010 at 11:39 AM.

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    Just for your information in the FAQ's it states the following:

    1) Have made at least 20 posts for basic access

    But on the Register your Hosting Company! page it states "Made at lest 30 posts" in the Steps for host only forums list.

    And in the forum description it lists "Be on a registered company and make 25 posts to enter!"

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    Thanks for the bug report I've fixed all 3 points now. Cheers!

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    I can't find my threads any more...

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    Neil hasn't rebuilt the search since the update.
    im sure he will be right on that

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    ...and can't log in into Company profile pages for UK Web hosting companies anymore.

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    Any update on Martfox's last post Neil? I suspect large mods to the forum like the hosting profile page to new versions of vB arn't to straight-forward to reintegrate, but if you do have an ETA, that would be great

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    I know what the issue is acctually from day one, i kind of forgot about it

    Problem is default cookie used to be called bb_ now its just bb without the underscore. I will resolve it over the weekend all going well.

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    Any update this weekend on this?

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    Newbies on a roll
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    If you really need access you can copy your browser's cookies as "bb*" instead of "bb_*" - this will allow you access to the aforementioned pages. The *userid, *password and *sessionhash cookies should be copied over, though you may already have bblastvisit and bblastactivity cookies which can just have their contents updated to reflect your bb_lastvisit and bb_lastactivity cookies. This really isn't recommended but will give you access to these pages.

    You should end up with two sets of cookies:

    If you need to edit your cookies, I would recommend (for Firefox users only) the "Edit Cookies" add-on for Firefox, though IE/Chrome etc have their own extensions.

    Whow, I actually got around to posting something in three years. :\

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    Im trying to register company (i now have 30 posts) but when i go to the reg page it says "Company CP --- ERROR!
    You must be logged in (with the remember me option = ON) to register your company. " even tho I am logged in with remember me on?

    Help? :s

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    It's the problem illustrated above, it's cookies.

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    ... So I have to edit cookies to access a webpage? ...

    Surely this should fall under the webmasters job.. *sigh*

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    Oh yes, I entirely agree-
    It's a known issue, the site owner is the webdev, and thus, just needs to get round to fixing it. I know it's a pain...

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    can't i be the web div instead

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