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    Choice of website host (by newbie)


    Apologies if similar questions have been asked many times before... I'm finding things rather confusing.

    I want to make my own website... I want to be able to use HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, ideally MySQL (maybe at a later stage). eCommerce is of no interest at this stage.

    I don't really want any of these sites where the HTML, CSS etc. is generated for you. Or at least, I want a host where you don't *have* to use those tools...

    I don't want any advertising or hidden costs. Hopefully just a fixed fee per month.

    I have set up my own Apache server on my local machine (with PHP, MySQL etc.)... and I am code-literate, although my knowledge is more along the Java, Python lines rather than all this Web stuff (I'm learning it).

    I am located in the UK but I presume the best hosting solutions could be anywhere in the world.

    Thanks for any pointers!

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    Looking at your requirements, any cpanel based host will be able to meet your needs.

    You can host your website anywhere in the world, however it is best to host close to your website users.

    Do you have an idea of your webspace requirements and bandwidth?

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    Sounds like you know what you are doing and so could use a cheap unmanaged VPS for customisation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrodent View Post
    I am located in the UK but I presume the best hosting solutions could be anywhere in the world.
    Depending on the purpose of the site, either close to you, or close to the bulk of the visitors (in AS# terms) is generally "better"

    From the technology shopping list posted a UK based cPanel hosting account sounds ideal.

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    Hello, if you do international website you can rent any hosting in EU, but if it's local website then need Uk hosting.

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    @mrodent , Did you find a host? Let us know if you have or Do you require anymore advise?

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    Yes if you think most of your visitors come from England you should look for an English Web hosting company.
    Yes if you know what youi're doing and don't want any extra app layer why don't you take a small dedi or a vps?
    If you don't specificaly need a dedi i would recommand a VPS because you will get some extra tool which will simplify some tasks.
    Just read and understand how the service is charged before buying it.

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