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    About the different types of server

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new on the server channel and i have seen that the ranking of this forum is very good.

    I am looking for good learning about the different types of server in market. What are the difference between the servers (like RDP,VPS,PRIVATE,ENCODING,DEDICATED) .

    Is it VPS and dedicated hosting and server are same type of product with reseller?

    Hope i will get good knowledge here.


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    I'm mostly familiar with these:
    Shared Hosting: in this case WHM/cnapel is installed on a VPS or Dedicated servers and all websites share the resources of that server. There is no option hosting anything else besides websites strictly speaking.
    VPS: A VPS is a part of a bigger server or cloud infrastructure. The VPS has it's own dedicated resources and it has an OS most often a Linux Distribution. You can use it for both running websites (if you install a webserver like apache) or anything else that runs on Linux.
    Dedicated: A whole Physical server I guess

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    The difference in these concepts is palpable. Yesterday I read the article and all the details are described in it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_hosting_service Maybe you can help.


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