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    Supermicro 847A-R1400LPB Chavssis


    Just starting to clear out a spare room full of old projects and abandoned things.

    I've got a Supermicro 847A-R1400LPB Chassis.
    It was used for 9-10 months and has sat in the room since.
    It's in perfect condition with no knocks, scratches ect.

    If it's of use to anyone please feel free to PM me an offer.
    You can email if preferred to neil@bb-dev.com as well.

    Best regards,

    Neil R Bowen

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    Hi Neil

    This got any drives in it?

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    Hi Joe,

    I assumed nobody would want the used drives so they have been listed separately on eBay.

    There are 8 x 4TB Seagate, 6 x 3Tb Seagate and 4x 4Tb HGST's not yet sold however.
    Most of the drives are older than the chassis as they moved from an older server with an external expansion in to this chassis.
    Neil R Bowen


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