We've got a load of PowerEdge 860's for sale - it's been long overdue to have a clearout and make room for other things. A bit old now, but still ideal for a lab / dev work as there's good life left in them

Currently got 15 PowerEdge 860s listed on Ebay - generally all Xeon 3050s with 2Gb RAM bit some are Xeon 3060s and there's a Xeon 3050 too. All but one have SAS5iR RAID cards in them too
All include rails and the bezel.
For anyone interested in these as a job lot, I'd be happy to look at delivery options too, esp if it's within a couple of hours of us as they'll fit in a car in one go if needed.

Also got some R300s and 1950s available in various specs, again with rails and bezels.

Drives have been removed from all of them for secure erasure but can be included if needed. Mainly a pile of 250Gb SATA, but do have 146Gb SAS and other size SATA available if wanted. Additional RAM is also available

Open to offers....