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Thread: Home server/nas

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    Home server/nas

    I'm wanting to replace my home server with something quiet and power efficient which can hold a couple of hdds and run a debian derivative, and wondered if anyone knew of any suitable hardware, or could recommend anywhere I could look for something suitable?

    The best I've come up with so far is a combination of a 2 bay nas and a raspberry pi, which apparently should be <10w when idle, but I'd prefer something all-in-one so the server stuff has more direct access to the storage. I'm happy for it to need a bit more power when idle, but am hoping it will still be near-silent - ideally passively cooled. Wondered if any of you had come across something which might fit the bill?

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    We recently built a mini itx all in one solution for nuking disks and the smallest package I could find that ticked all the boxes for us was this enclosure: https://www.servercase.co.uk/shop/se...-sc-n400-plus/

    It runs a little warmer than I would like (doesn't all mini-itx though?) but has worked well so far although it is a little cheaply constructed as you would expect given the price point!
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    Thanks, that looks good!

    I've been staring at this stuff on and off all weekend, and have decided trying to figure out the likely power consumption is a fool's game - people saying they've got a 50W TDP i3 running at 10W idle, and someone else saying a 6W TDP onboard N3150 is 25W idle. All so confusing. Think I just have to buy what I fancy and live with it

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    Yes, but that's 50W at 5V or 12V, the 240V load will be much lower.
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