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    Final Call - Magento Hosting Survey

    Hello all,

    I am a Magento Developer and Blogger at Magenticians, a blog to learn Magento.

    As choosing the right Magento hosting is always a difficult task, and the wrong decision can cause your store serious damage in terms of traffic and revenues. So, for that, we are looking to post an article around users reviews about their hosting provider. To participate in the survey, please fill out the following form and provide your valuable feedback: Google Form

    Note: This survey is open for 48 hours

    Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan
    Magento Developer and Blogger

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    you have a trypo
    e.g. "$301 - $60" s/be "$31 - $60"

    you've made some questions maandatory that don't necessarily have an answer
    e.g. "If you had unlimited funds, which hosting provider will you opt for? *"
    - why would more money mean they'd want to change ?

    and the bulk of people here will be hosts, so not the target audience for the survey


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