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Thread: Wiring a house

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    Wiring a house

    I'm hoping to move house soon (we're at the solicitors stage) and am toying with the idea of running a wired network from the main areas of the new house to a patch panel and switch in the loft. Just wondered if anyone had any tips?

    I'm thinking of getting someone to do the hard work for me - my DIY skills may reach to wiring the sockets, but getting the wires to them is probably beyond me. Any idea for roughly how much this might cost, in terms of labour?

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    Are any of the rooms going to be re-plastered?

    If so this will make it a lot easier and cheaper. As you will be able to lay the cable yourself and drill a few holes where you need to.

    A professional would charge between 30 and 60 a socket depending on the layout of the house and access. Then you will still need to get the patch panel and switch.

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    Depends a lot on the house construction, we have nice voids under the floor so it was an easy job to run some cat5 cable when we rewired (15+ years ago), if you have solid floors then everything will have to either go in trunking or up.

    Either run spare cable or have some good ducts with pull string in place to you can pull additional cable later if required.

    I have my patch panel under the stairs as it is much easier to get to than the loft.

    Have a read up on home automation sites as lots of people have networked their houses as part of automation installs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monaghan View Post
    I have my patch panel under the stairs as it is much easier to get to than the loft.
    +1 to that (having done both methods)

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    Thanks for the advice!

    The rooms only need a bit of paint, so I'm guessing chiseling and re-plastering will be involved. When you say "a professional" do you mean a professional telephony/networking person? I'd assumed they wouldn't be interested in a relatively small residential job and I'd have to go for an electrician or general AV installer and have to follow them round re-wiring the sockets so they'd work.

    The cupboard under the stairs would be good, but it's quite small and home to the gas meter, and I understand there's laws around proximity to electrical devices etc. Think I'll be in enough trouble with my wife for the chiselling, without blowing up the house too. I'll consult with an electrician

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    We replaced the skirting board in our house when we moved in and decided the easiest way to route cable around the house was to take a channel out of the back of the new skirting to conceal network cable runs (we figured that the run from the skirting up to a device would normally be covered by some sort of unit) - all the cables then go back to a patch panel in a rack in my office. 4 years in and so far, so good
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    The last spark I know to put cat5e into a mates house ran it like telephones and so daisychained two rooms together https://www.dropbox.com/s/lqrmjphi69...36.09.jpg?dl=0
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    I've never seen it like that before, but I guess if not specified that you need a run to each socket and the spark has never used networks that's a fair way of doing it

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    I've never seen it personally, but I've certainly heard plenty of stories of it happening because they're used to telephone extensions and ring mains.
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