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Data Centres
Published 5 years ago
KNCMiner building Arctic Circle DataCentre for Bitcoin Mining
KNC Miner (a Swedish Company) are using the 'pre-order' funds they have accumulated from over 4000 orders of a $12000 BitCoin Mining device to build a 10MW datacentre in The Node Pole region, near the Arctic Circle in Sweden.
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5 years ago
Telehouse opens a new 1000 square meter co-location floor in London
Telehouse who have long been a leading provider of data centre space has opened the final phased floor with 1000 sq.meters of available co-location space at Telehouse West.
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5 years ago
Infinity SDC has opened a new flagship data centre
Brand new Slough based data centre has been opened by Infinity with a respectable PUE of just 1.25. It will offer much needed new data centre space in the Thames Valley area.
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5 years ago
Webhosting UK Com Ltd (WHUK) Extends their Tier 4 Data Centre at Reading
Continuing growing demand behind the need to increase the data centres capacity at their Maidenhead, Reading site.
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5 years ago
IBM plans 15 new data centres in $1.2bn cloud expansion
IBM chief executive Virginia Rometty wants to expand IBM's cloud services during 2014. Plans to build 15 new data centres around the world.
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5 years ago
UK Data centre capacity rise will keep prices steady?
UK Data centre capacity rise of 22 percent should keep prices steady until 2019 according to a new report. The UK has the most data centre capacity of any country in Europe.
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5 years ago
UKFast Scotland - Expansion to Scotland before you can blink
The web hosting and co-location provider UKFast has confirmed that it is planning to expand it's presence to Scotland.
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5 years ago
Eircom is planning a new €200 million Dublin data centre
The irish telecommunication company Eircom is planning to spend up to 200 million on a new state of the art data centre complex in Dublin.
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5 years ago
Oh dear, RBS & Natwest have lost the plot again... but is it just a one off?
On-line banking systems fail Shoppers unable to pay on their cards Natwest and RBS have more computer system glitches
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