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Published 5 years ago
Five keys to choose a cloud computing provider
There are many companies who have chosen to make the leap to the cloud. In fact, according to a Internet survey report more companies used cloud computing in order to improve their productivity. However, before addressing this new IT delivery model it is essential for companies to make an analysis of the main Cloud computing service providers of the market. First, companies should consider one thing before establishing any relationship, without trust it is impossible to establish a good working relationship. However, there are more aspects that need to be fixed before signing an agreement on cloud computing.
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5 years ago
After nine years, the Million Dollar homepage is 22% dead
The Million Dollar Homepage was a phenomenon in 2005, but almost a decade on, it stands as a monument to the fragility of the internet: over one-fifth of the links on the site are dead.
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5 years ago
Web.com acquires SnapNames domain names drop-catch/auction service
Web.com acquired SnapNames on 3/March/2014, and continues partnership with NameJet domain name auction platform from Rightside (the domain name services spinoff from Demand Media)
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5 years ago
Microsoft now the largest Windows host
Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform has helped it to surpass Amazon as the largest Windows host
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5 years ago
Nominet Selected to Provide Emergency Backup Registry Services
In the (increasingly likely) event that one of the newGTLD operators goes t1tsup, transfer of the TLD to an Emergency Operator comes into force. Nominet officially selected as one of the EBERO's
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5 years ago
Finalists announced for the first UK Cloud Awards
The shortlist of finalists for the UK Cloud Awards 2014 have been announced, the new awards organised by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), Cloud Pro and techUK. There will be 15 awards across 2 categories, projects and products. In the products category, there is a wide variety of new and established businesses from startups to major international corporations. The winners will be announced at ceremony to be held at City Hall on 26th February, 2014.
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5 years ago
Largest Ever DDoS Cyber Attack Hits US and European Victims
Multiple reports suggest the largest ever DDoS attack - peaking at 400Gbps - has hit targets in the US and Europe though who is behind the attack, and who the victims were remains a mystery.
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5 years ago
Icelanders to enjoy virtual cash giveaway
Following the hype and furore around the various virtual currencies being released on a seemingly daily basis, for the first time an entire nation is to be given some virtual currency.
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5 years ago
DDoS : Who watches the watchmen?
Recent revelations from more leaked Snowden files show GCHQ has been using hackers own techniques against them and DDoSing their chatrooms and even using crafted BBC articles to scrape data to help identify users.
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5 years ago
.uk domain names to launch on June 10th
Nominet are cashing in on the new gTLD hype with shorter .uk domains available to register from June 10th 2014
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5 years ago
AWS now the most popular host
Amazon Web Services hosts more web sites from the top 100,000 domains than any other host according to data provided by Alexa
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5 years ago
.Scot wait is over new top level domain for Scotland
Congratulations Scotland, they have finally been awarded the dot Scot TLD, unfortunately there is no news on .haggis yet.
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5 years ago
Rackspace has lift off for ObjectRocket in the UK
Rackspace has launched OBJECTROCKET in the UK and releases NoSQL Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) in it's London data centres.
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5 years ago
Ministry of Justice signs deal with Ark for Data Centre solution
Ark claims to provide the most power efficient data centre solutions to lower the running costs with PUE scores as low as 1.08.
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5 years ago
What is a cloud? Not many end users have a clue
While the companies supplying "cloud" services should know what they are selling, it is quite clear that most customers really don't have a clue what it means, or even if it's fluffy.
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Published 5 years ago
2014's web hosting company problems to keep an eye on
2014 should see the ever growing web continue to expand at a rate yet again even faster than before. More and more companies will continue to utilise the web's advantages, and with that there will come new challenges for hosting companies.
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5 years ago
New vBulletin Cloud to make forums easier to run than ever.
A new fully hosted version of vBulletin's forum software has been launched. The move should make security patches a thing of the past for many. But is it an ideal move for everyone? Or just a good move for some websites who want simplicity?
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5 years ago
OnApp Releases New WHMCS Module
OnApp and WHMCS help service providers enter the cloud market with a complete turnkey cloud hosting and client management platform New OnApp-WHMCS integration offers full automation of sales, provisioning, billing and customer support for cloud providers, with new CDN, DNS and reseller capabilities
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5 years ago
Containers and distributed storage are the future Now free with HybridCluster non-commercial licenses
We are now offering free non-commercial licenses for our full stack cloud software platform. Businesses and organisations can use HybridCluster to host LAMP web applications for non-commercial purposes to benefit from HA and DR with no need to modify their apps. By providing these free licenses, we hope to encourage the adoption of virtualized containers and distributed storage.
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5 years ago
UK and Canadian companies considering moving hosting outside of the US
Data security and privacy are the top reasons why 1 in 4 UK and Canadian businesses are planning on moving their hosting away from the US.
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5 years ago
Microsoft adds a Cloud-Based customer service provider to it's collection
Parature the cloud-based customer service provider has been aquired by Microsoft according to a Microsoft press release.
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5 years ago
Everest Data Centres launches new Data Centre promotion
Reading, Berkshire – 6th January 2014 – Everest Data Centres, a new Tier 4 aligned data centre operator based in Reading, has launched its new colocation promotion, starting on 6th January 2014. Their new high-specification facility has been designed and built-in house and boasts some excellent features, that utilise the latest energy saving techniques to lower the cost of housing your ‘cloud in the cloud’, outsourcing your existing in-house infrastructure or hosting your e-commerce platform in a secure, temperature controlled facility with N+N redundancy throughout.
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5 years ago
Facebook sued over alleged scanning of private messages
Facebook is looking at a class action lawsuit over allegations that it scans users' private messages on the website.
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5 years ago
Astutium, a UK web hosting company acquires Cyberstrider
British web hosting provider Astutium announced that it has completed the purchase of Cyberstrider. A hosting company that provides cPanel based web hosting.
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