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Published 5 years ago
Rural broadband maps criticised for lacking detail
The government and BT are under fresh attack for the way the rollout of the UK's rural broadband is being handled.
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5 years ago
Intel to Make Monster 800Gbps Cables
No, not gold-plated Monster cables but monster 800Gbps cables! It looks like Intel is forging ahead with it's plans to disaggregate rack server infrastructure. Intel will be launching these new MXC cables in the later half of the year. Each cable bundles up to 64, simplex fibres to aggregate 1.6TB of bandwidth and can transmit up to 300 metres without repeaters.
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5 years ago
Geo Network - Where Fibre Meets Your Fibre
Getting physically connected between locations has always been expensive and time consuming due to negotiating rights of way and the actual laying of the physical cable. Chris Smedley, CEO of Geo Networks has decided to team up with Thames Water for a quicker and more efficient way of laying fibre. The London sewerage system.
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5 years ago
Strange DNS Error leads to outage in China
Around 3 pm local time across many localities in China, a number of domestic service providers were unable to establish contact with China’s Domain Name System servers, leaving millions of Chinese internet users offline for hours.
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5 years ago
BT reaches record speeds with 1.4 terabits per second
BT has been working with Alcatel-Lucent in the United Kingdom to create the fastest "real world" network connection in a trial. Resulted in eye watering 1.4 tbps.
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5 years ago
Net neutrality blow as US appeals court fails to back FCC net neutrality rules.
A US appeals court has rejected federal rules that required Internet providers to treat all web traffic equally, in a move that could allow mobile carriers and other broadband providers to charge content providers for faster access to web services.
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5 years ago
Mobile Apps are being used to make DDoS Attacks
Downloadable mobile apps are being used in Distributed Denial of Service attacks against companies, according to the latest quarterly report from DDoS protection provider Prolexic Technologies.
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5 years ago
Submarine data cable provider Emerald expands network to UK
Their expansion is made possible as a result of a partnership with Geo Networks. It will expand Emeralds network in to mainland Europe for the first time.
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