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Published 5 years ago
GitHub Founder Suspended over Harassment Claims
Last Friday, Julie Ann Horvath dramatically quit over allegations of harassment by leadership at GitHub over the last two years. GitHub is a developer platform that allows users to share code. The website is based on Git, the version control software created by Linux hacker and founder, Linus Torvalds. Until Friday, Julie was a developer at the company.
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5 years ago
Docklands Harbour Exchange bought in 37 million deal
A 37million deal was announced on Monday morning for the three building development near South Quay on the Isle of Dogs. It was previously owned by Land Securities Group.
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5 years ago
Hackers now filming their remote victims
Cyber-thieves are increasingly grabbing video of how victims use their computer, to better steal from online bank accounts, a security firm reveals.
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5 years ago
Tech Billionaires Made Up 75% Of 2013′s Most Philanthropic People Under 50
Tech Billionaires Made Up 75% Of 2013′s Most Philanthropic People Under 50 with Zuckerberg giving away nearly $1bn.
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5 years ago
The internet is a gift from god according to the Pope
Pope Francis clearly loves the web, and has called the internet a "gift from god". And that it is able to bring people together more easily.
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5 years ago
Bitcoin ATM's are coming to London in February
The UK may get it's first Bitcoin cash machines soon to help make the currency more easily usable. Central London to be the destination for both companies ATM's.
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5 years ago
Has the Facebook bubble burst?
Researches claim that Facebook will lose 80% of it's users within a year, and it will burn out "like an infectious disease".
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5 years ago
Bitcoins cross $1,000 due to Zynga
The value of a Bitcoin (1 BTC) has crossed the $1,000 mark (610) today due to social gaming company Zynga saying it would start accepting the currency as an option for payments.
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5 years ago
Child porn dealer who faces 100 years in U.S Jail may be freed
The Irish authorities have revealed that Eric Eoin Marques won't be prosecuted. 28 year old man is facing extradition to the U.S by the FBI.
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5 years ago
Nobody arrested on M247 WHC Xmas meetup!
The WHC Xmas meetup was sponsored by M247 Ltd this year. Thank you to everyone for the great turnout of 22 members. Other thanks to Rob Golding for the drinks tab at Gauchos and to Joel for Breakfast!
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