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Published 5 years ago
Samsung Galaxy Remote Backdoor Discovered
The developers at Replicant (an Open Source project aimed at replacing all proprietary components within Android OS) has discovered a remote back door in the Samsung Galaxy series of mobile devices and the Nexus S. The backdoor is only present in the proprietary version of Android bundled with the Samsung devices. So far, investigations reveal that the backdoor is relatively benign despite having read and write access to sensitive areas of the filesystem.
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5 years ago
Cambridge University - No More Password Leaks
Those smart folks working at Security Research in the University of Cambridge Computer Labs have developed a hardware device which promises to protect you from password leaks. That's a big promise so does it stack up?
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5 years ago
New Silk Road hit with $2.6 million heist due to known Bitcoin flaw
"Transaction malleability," which worried Mt. Gox and Bitstamp, strikes again. Not only are Bitcoin trading sites like Bitstamp and Mt. Gox susceptible to the recent accleration of the "transaction malleability" problem, but apparently the Silk Road—or at least its newest incarnation—is too. Is this the end for Bitcoin as we know it?
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5 years ago
PayPal and eBay websites hijacked
The Syrian Electronic Army are claiming responsibility for hijacking the paypal.co.uk and ebay.co.uk web sites.
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5 years ago
GoDaddy security blunder
A security blunder by domain registrar GoDaddy has cost a Twitter user their $50k one character handle thanks to some basic social engineering.
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5 years ago
Googles Chrome web browser could be keeping an eye on you
An Israeli web developer says that Google's web browser could be spying on you. Google dismisses the allegation of eavesdropping threat.
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5 years ago
NSA are developing a quantum computer for code cracking
American agency the NSA (National Security Agency) is developing a quantum computer to help break complicated encryption that keeps on-line messaging secure. How long will it be until any encryption can be broken?
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5 years ago
Cash machines raided with infected USB memory sticks
Researchers have discovered how thieves sliced into cash machines to infect them with malware last year. Cash machines still running Windows XP were the targets.
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5 years ago
British companies need to take online security more seriously.
Government report blasts UK companies for failing to invest in their Cyber security. Hacking attacks on British companies are becoming more common.
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