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Private forums and Company profile terms of use
Please read in full our terms and confirm you agree to them at the bottom of this page.

These terms must be adhered to during your use of the forums regardless of if you are utilising the private areas or the public areas of our forums.

Webhostchat.co.uk Private forums terms of service/use.
These terms were last update at 03:35am on 21/10/2011 and applies to all members, we reserve the right to modify these terms without notice. Users should review these at regular intervals to ensure they are aware of the latest version.
These terms form the .Private forums contract. which all users must sign to gain access to the private forums.

Please note that if you do not agree to the terms of the contract you must not click the accept button at the bottom of the page. And therefore you will not be entitled to access to the Private forums.

Should any users break the terms of this contract they could be liable to pay damages, and be removed from the Private forums or the entire forum.

Part 1 . Private forums data
All information held within the Private forums, is private information. It is not intended for the public domain.
As such, any information that you are able to access within the private forums may not be;
Copied, Shared, Saved, Discussed, or used in any way at all outside of the private forums.
Any information may not be shared with any non members of the private forums.
Part 2 . Access requirements
The access requirements are shown on the Private forums dash panel. Access requirements may change at any time without notice, and we reserve the right to impose changes to requirements without notice. This may result in your membership being removed until such time as you satisfy the new requirements

We reserve the right to remove any member we feel is necessary for any reason we require. We also reserve the right to grant access to members who do not meet the requirements in special circumstances. An example of this may be a moderator or administrator.
Users are required to stay active on the forums and contribute to the community both in and out of the Private forums. Users who do not contribute to the community may be removed from the private forums until they do satisfy the requirements
Part 3 . Liability
All users agree that Webhostchat.co.uk, it's owners, moderators, and administrators are not liable for any content posted to webhostchat.co.uk in the private or public forums unless posted by themselves.
It is understood that Moderators and Administrators are part of the community and do not work for any company that owns the forum.
All users agree they are fully and completely liable for their own posts, and therefore should be careful not to post anything that is untrue.
Webhostchat.co.uk will do its best to remove any incorrect postings as soon as possible upon notification. Notification should be made by private message to the user .administrator. or by email to mail@bb-dev.com with a CC to alice.hope05@imperial.ac.uk and neil@ha.co.uk

Users reviews are their opinion, and should be protected as such. All hosts that signup to WHC and create a profile should be aware that we do not remove negative comments.
Where required we may edit posts to point out they are only the opinion of the user, and are happy to post hosts return comments on to negative reviews upon request.
All members, and companies that create a profile on Webhostchat.co.uk understand that Webhostchat.co.uk, its owners, and staff are not liable for reviews made by their customers on their profile.
It is understood proceedings to remove a comment should be placed against the customer that posted them, and they can ask us to remove their review. In the case of a review by someone who was not a customer, should this be provable in writing we will remove comments.
Part 4 . Non private forums
Users agree that should the content they are posting not really require private protection, they will post it in the general forums and not in the private forums.
I agree and accept the terms of use.