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    There must be a host on this forum that can offer me what I am looking or something close to it.

    TSO, whilst they offer awful customer service, still have the best connectivity. No idea for how much longer though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimjimeroo View Post
    There must be a host on this forum that can offer me what I am looking or something close to it.
    From the lack of response to your last few thread bumps, it seems that there isn't or that if there is, they aren't really interested.

    Part of the problem will be that the two sites which Nominet are present at are more focussed at network operators and enterprise customers rather than hosts. They're too expensive for your average VPS/dedi provider.

    If latency is important enough that it is worth the cost of operating at thee sites and you have optimised every other part of your drop catching application stack as much as possible, then take your own rack space from Equinix (or find someone that will co-locate you), get your own IP address space and ASN from RIPE, join LINX and peer with Nominet.

    By truly controlling as much of the network path as you feasibly can you can guarantee the lowest latency connection possible (or at least to the greatest extent practically possible). This doesn't come cheap however, so it's a case of whether super low latency is actually worth it.
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