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Thread: what is digital marketing?

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    what is digital marketing?

    What is digital marketing and how we can implement to improve our business? Is there any relation to e mail marketing and digital marketing?

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    Depends on what kind of company you are. There's plenty of companies out there who will take your money and not provide much.

    You need a strategy, then use a marketing agency to deploy the strategy. Do you have data? Do you need data? How do you want to deliver your message, email, phone, facebook, linkedin, google adwords, adchoices? How are you going to deal with the leads when they come in? Are you the right type of business to start an affiliate scheme? Is it really SEO that you want?

    Have a good think and then reply.

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    Digital Marketing is the combination of SEO, SMM, SEM and PPC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevebro View Post
    What is digital marketing and how we can implement to improve our business? Is there any relation to e mail marketing and digital marketing?
    Digital Marketing is a method marketing to a brand or product using digital media. Examples of digital media is the Television, Radio, Internet, Mobile, Social Media, and various other media digital media, where the techniques of internet marketing, including the Digital Marketing category. So if you wanna to use digital marketing you need strategy, especially strategy to build SEO on your business.

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    Digital marketing is the advancement of your organization or brand using one or more of the various digital channels, such as email, cellular phones, social networks .

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    You can say it internet marketing.... it is about the marketing that is being done on internet so it is internet marketing that consists of SEO, SMO, PPC, Content Marketing and so on.

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    Dear Stevebro , digital marketing is all the activities that run on internet that could create awareness to your brand and bring in visitors. To start with basic, you should have a search-engine friendly website structure (this is very important), and then can try on the Google Adwords campaign. Google Adwords campaign will give you a very very great ideas on how visitors search for your products, what keywords they use to typed in search engine to reach you, and what keywords that really bring in cool sales volume for your company, that is the money keywords you should focus more on - it's high conversion keywords. And then apply these high conversion keywords to perform SEO project for your site to rank higher in search engine and bring in quality traffics. Then this is surely will give you a big boost on digital marketing sales. This is fun and meaningful marketing for nowadays business, good luck and all the best!

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    It is a way to promote your business. Search Engine Marketing is a social work to get visitors on your website.

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    Friend Digital Marketing is combination of SEO,SMM,SEM,Affiliate Marketing,Email Marketing,Video Marketing etc

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    I usually keep from using lessons explanations as I believe they are good to remember but offer little ideas. To me, digital marketing is using techniques which allow a professional to use the best of both worlds – digital and marketing. While the fundamental concepts of marketing still apply, diital marketing is not just another new route for marketing. On the opposite, it’s a refreshingly new strategy to marketing which provides a unique knowing of consumer actions.

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    Spam and Astroturfing Law Information Officer
    Ooh, another dead thread picking up spam. Let me attempt to give a conclusive answer to prevent such abuse in the future:

    Digital marketing is a term encompassing any type of marketing in which you directly reach a customer by using your digits, eg your fingers (or toes, in the case of certain equal opportunity employees).

    It dates back to early Egyptian times, when marketplace traders used to shout their prices to attract customers; some struggled to have their message heard over the shouts of other traders, so started waving their hands at customers, using their fingers to indicate prices. Over subsequent generations this evolved into something far more complex, and traders were able to carry out entire transactions with their customers using only their fingers, in a far more efficient manner than speaking. As an interesting aside, this form of communication actually served as the basis for most modern sign languages.

    It is thought that the term "digital marketing" was first used to describe this phenomenon by an anthropologist in the late 19th century, but since then its use has become more widespread, and it has evolved to include writing unique letters and e-mails to specific individuals, or dialing phone numbers with your fingers. This is also sometimes known as "direct marketing", due to the direct contact with the individual customer; it is that which marks it apart from "automated marketing" or "bulk marketing", where generic copy is written once and sent out to many people, or where phone numbers are dialed automatically from a pre-programmed list.

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    Digital marketing can be any online advertising. This can be via a websites to social media sites. Too many to list and to know which that will improve your business can depend on the business. I recommend using a SEO company and take it from there, plenty to choose from.

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    Woah !!! Good piece of information in here:

    What' s SMM and SEM ?? I have some idea about SEO

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    promotion of your business online is called digital marketing. digital marketing is doing by different methods like seo, smo, smm etc

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    Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing in that it involves the use of channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t – typically in real time.

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