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Thread: Why you choose your host

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    Why you choose your host

    As a client what you look into the hosting company before ordering, is it design or something else? What is most attractive for you in web hosting company and due to what you choose specific company?

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    In my opinion, the best host is the one who providers 24/7 tech support and are always available to solve your queries.
    2. Server response time matters a lot, so check that.
    3. competitive pricing.
    4. No contract Period.

    If you are looking for a web host, try WooCloud, I am sure you would be amazed.

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    I agree with Ryanaclams, for most small to medium sites these days, most shared hosting is the same. They all offer attractive accounts with email, installers etc, so really you need to focus on special needs your site may have and make sure this is provided, things such as php versions and mysql if your site requires, how many subs and domains can you add, what email services do you need, autoresponders etc.
    But more important than anything is the quality of customer services. If they're slow to respond and services are interrupted for too long, your sites will suffer.

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    Price,quality and support,datacenter

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    When selecting the web hosting company you should look for the following things:

    1. Support System
    2. Provide DDoS protection or not
    3. Data center locations
    4. How is the network speed
    5. Which hardware they use, etc

    If you get satisfied answers to your questions then you can proceed.

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    I find that most hosting providers utilize the same things like Cpanel, WHM, Litespeed, WHMCS. So technology wise there isn't all that much difference.
    What seems to differentiate providers is their pricing and level of support.
    In my opinion, smaller hosting providers are better as they have more time and put in more effort to each customer.

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    While I'm considering mechanicweb.com I keep in mind such things:
    - server location (it is US based provider)
    - support. It is 24/7 real support
    - money back guarantee (45! days)
    - really good prices for shared and reseller hosting plans.
    That is what I really like and they are the reasons I chose the host for.

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    Spam and Astroturfing Law Information Officer
    A big motivator for me is when I find someone who spams astroturf in old threads in dead forums. I think it really demonstrates that they are a well-established company with a clear and thoughtfully planned business model, and I feel confident that they will not disappear a few days after taking my money.
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    For me, I chose my hosting because it is fast, reliable, with some freebies and so far it doesn't have downtime yet, or I haven't experienced any. It's also good for my Wordpress travel site. Customer support is also 1 factor to consider and I'm satisfied.


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