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    I liked the Threshold plotline - real shame that was axed

    Heroes is currently my fav show. I also enjoyed Jericho while that was on.

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    24 - I like the twists and a big fan of Kiefer.
    Heroes - Hiro FTW :P
    Smallville - Just love Superman Stories

    I used to like Prison Break, just got bored of it.

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    Imagine Joan of Arcadia with a bit of Ghost Rider, if rewritten by National Lampoon and you get ... "Reaper"

    Was quite amusing diversion between the Beer/Pizza, and some appalling new board-game (new version of Game of Life, but utter utter cr@p)...

    No idea if it'll be popular enough to make the usual download places, but it stars "Dave" from "Invasion" (no idea of the actors actual name) and it made me smile, even though it was very predictable.

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    Absolutely 24!

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