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Thread: Lost

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    The latest episode (focussing around Ben) was supposed to reveal huge amounts; but either I missed the subtleness of it or it didn't really give any answers but loads more questions

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    Lost debate on WHC? Lovely
    I think it was quite a special episode, finaly seeing flashbacks from one of "The others" and the past on the Island (well we saw from Juliette earlier, but it wasn't quite the same). I don't think it revealed a lot about the general mystery, it more likely opened more questions about Jacob, but it did tell us a lot about the history on the island, and Ben's past.

    I'm looking forward to the next episode. Prison Break and Lost are some of the best shows I've even seen, the way manage to constantly turn the show around and keep surprising amd amazing the viewers is incredible.

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    I must say I'm pretty bored of Lost now, I was really into it when it started but I haven't seen it for months now.

    Maybe I'll get back into it, sunech's summary of the last episode seems quite interesting.

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    I watched the 1st series of Lost and got totally addicted to it... the series's are pricey though. So i'm going have to have them as gifts for xmas etc, i have series 1 off my brother who got it for free from a friend, but i don't see him buying me series 2 :|

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