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    I have a 37" LG and it's fine. Sound quality is weedy in the latest models - come to think of it it wasn't great earlier either - but I guess you'll be running 5.1 in any case.

    had to claim mine on the insurance when the guys moving me bashed it on the staircase so got a new one, although they seem to have cut back on a bit on the later model. I do get 2 x HDMI ports on the new one tho, so fairly happy with that.

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    Yes not many HD channels on Virgin, hopefully that will change soon.

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    You want a Kuro 42" if you can find one, failing that a Panasonic plasma (42PZ80 here, it's beautiful), failing that perhaps a Panasonic/Sony LCD.

    Virgin have been saying for months that they'll be introducing more HD channels 'soon'

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieRS View Post
    you can plug an external drive in the V+ box to record to external devices.
    On my box at least the external SATA port is disabled - you can only transfer recordings to a DVD recorder/VCR.

    Only having BBC HD is a real let down - I believe even freesat has more HD channels now, and I'd love to know why BBC/Virgin can't just broadcast BBC1 in HD for shows that are recorded in HD - having to switch over to a different channel just to see the same thing that is broadcasting in standard def on BBC 1 is a pain.

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    Fought the temptation to go for new and HD, since I'm barely home these days anyway.
    Picked up a TH-42PWD6 (Panasonic 42" display) for 100. No audio on it, and only composite/component/s-video/vga in, which does the job for me, straight in from iMac, although SCART->Component (with Audio split) from V box.

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    I have a LG 42" TV although it is a older model than what is on the market now, it has been fantastic and since the TV has proven itself I opted to get the cinema surround and the sound it top too

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