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Thread: Lost anybody??

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    Lost anybody??

    is anybody looking forward to the return of lost next year???

    i cant wait to see what is going on...

    Love Lost

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    Not unless I suffer a brain haemorrhage between now and then
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    why whats wrong with lost????

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    Whats right with lost?

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    true, it is abit crazy and the story is very strange....

    neva mind i love lost and cant wait till its back on our screens

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    I made it about ten minutes into the first episode, where an upside down detached plane engine with no fuel supply suddenly starts itself up, sucks up somebody and then promptly explodes in a Hollywood fireball. I assume that kind of realism set the tone for what was to come!

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    I swear the writers take drugs (alot) while writing Lost.

    I was under the impression that Lost referred to the characters predicament rather than the viewers!

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    I thought that the first series of lost was good then it started to go downhill, now it's just garbage.

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    I'm looking forward to series 86 in 20 years time when nothing has changed...

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