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    Watching your shows while overseas?

    My new job has me doing a lot of overseas travel. Unfortunately, this means I have to miss my favorite shows. I've tried to find a few episodes on YouTube and other sites like Hulu, but they absolutely don't work in other countries. Is there any way I can change settings to be able to watch?

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    Proxy or vpn would work. I use a proxy for on-line stuff with a cheap vps. You can get proxy and vps services.
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    Are there any good free proxy or vpn services? I am not sure I would want to sign up for anything that had a monthly fee, as I don't need it all the time.

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    If you already have a server in your home country it's not that complicated to set up a VPN yourself (openswan), assuming you have bandwidth to spare. I don't use any third party vpn services so hopefully someone else can recommend something.

    Fwiw I have a server at home running mythtv, with mythweb to configure recordings, and use mythfrontend to watch it later; if I ever left the house, I could set up something to transcode it to stream a more suitable format (plenty of instructions on the interwebs). But that does require a home server, an appropriate tuner card and a reasonable home connection.

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    That sounds like a great idea! I like recording stuff to watch later. I actually do that even if I am going to be home. Watching it later means I can forward past all of the boring commercials!

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    Mythtv is pretty good once you get it working; it has commercials detection, which lets you jump over commercials with one button; if it doesn't detect it correctly there's skip forward/back too. It's recorded in mpeg2 iirc, so you can play it back straight, or use tools to transcode and stream it for whatever bandwidth/player you have. As I say though, I don't do that - I run mythbackend on a server in my office with a dual tuner card (so I can record multiple channels at once) and ~6tb storage, then have mythfrontend running on a small silent machine plugged into my tv, and use an android app to control it over wifi. For the brief time format shifting was legal in the UK, I was also able to rip my dvds to it to play them on demand...

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    If you have sufficient upload speed at home, why not stick a zgemma box in (Freeview/Sly / Virmin Media) available and you can control/watch it remotely. Obviously the latter are free to air channels only unless you have a card/other method of de-scrambling the channels..
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    No idea how good it is, but there's a company in our building who offer a solution to this as a service - https://www.uktv2c.com/


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