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    If you are looking for high quality service, strong customer support and excellency throughout your business journey, then Hostingsafety is available with all its service and support.
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    Same here, is there any web hosting services that are free and easy to start with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaneReyA View Post
    Same here, is there any web hosting services that are free and easy to start with?
    You could try somewhere like wix, but anything free is only there to sell you a paying package - it's going to be very limited. You're better off asking in the "requests for products" section of this forum for a host to give you a quote for hosting with a website builder - most of the people here are very experienced and will provide you with an excellent service for a very modest fee.

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    There is no such thing as best. It's always a combination of features.
    I think smaller providers are better as they can allocate more time to a single customer.

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