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    Is it easy to build a website?

    Hi members,

    I notice that this sub-forum isn't so active in the past 3 years.So don't know whether somebody may view my topic here.

    But as a newbie,just want to know is it easy to build a website?Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jian View Post
    Hi members,

    I notice that this sub-forum isn't so active in the past 3 years.So don't know whether somebody may view my topic here.

    But as a newbie,just want to know is it easy to build a website?Thanks.
    There are a lot of relatively easy to use tools these days to help build and manage web sites as well as a lot of very good articles detailing how to go about it even from the level of a complete beginner, particularly with popular open source CMS such as Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla.
    In addition to the wealth of public knowledge, these systems also have extensive libraries of themes/templates and plugins which can act as a stepping stone to getting the desired result.

    But at the same time, the skills and knowledge required to make a truly unique, well designed, cross-browser, responsive (i.e. mobile/tablet friendly) site is massive in my opinion. Ultimately, it depends what you are trying to achieve (a personal web site or one for a club is going to have very different requirements to one for a big company) and how much you can take advantage of the work of others (there are some great themes/templates which are either free or very cheap, but the trade-off is that your design won't be unique).

    I would strongly encourage anyone wondering about how easy it is to make a website to get stuck in and give it a go. If you're willing to take the time to try and learn, then the results can be very rewarding.
    In terms of cost, Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla are all free and a lot of the themes/templates and plugins are free or very affordable. Likewise, you don't need anything particularly expensive in terms of hosting - a couple of quid a month will do to start with.
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    As Ed says, that's a very open-ended question - it's a bit like "Is it easy to make a wardrobe?" You can get one ready-made for you to put your stuff in straight away (site builders like mr site, moonfruit, or Ed's fantastic https://www.freethought-internet.co.uk/website-builder/), or you can go to Ikea and buy a box of bits to put together yourself (a cms like perch, wordpress, drupal or joomla, with an off-the-shelf theme or template).

    Of course though, you can also go to all the time and effort of learning how to cut bits of wood straight, how to sand them down and treat them, how to attach them to each other so they won't fall apart, and build something that fits your bedroom perfectly and does exactly what you want (I may be starting to take this analogy too far ). If you're interested in taking this approach with building websites, you could start looking into HTML5 and CSS (how you do the layout and design), javascript (how you do fancy things in the browser) and a server-side language like python or PHP (how you store data for users and generate dynamic content for them from a database) - you'll probably want a framework that does the boring bits for you though, like laravel, django or rails.

    Things have moved on a hell of a lot since I started making websites 18 years ago, and the learning curve is now quite steep in places if you've not done anything like it before - but that said, it's easy to get going (just open up notepad and find a tutorial on HTML) and it can be very rewarding. There are a lot of resources and tutorials out there which can help you get started - try searching for things like "beginners tutorial html" for html and css and see how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jian View Post
    is it easy to build a website
    Yes, No, Maybe.

    Depends on your skills and what you want it to look like / do

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    its easy with drag and drop no Skills required.


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