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Thread: SP3 - Good or bad?

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    SP3 - Good or bad?

    Horror stories starting to circulate - anyone tried it yet?

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    Put it on a few machines today. No issues seen. Unlike el reg to provide an un bias review.
    Jon Rohan

    Please note: My views are my own and not those of the company I work for.

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    Installed SP3 yesterday evening after being off-line at home for a week, no issues so far!

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    Newbies on a roll
    Secura Hosting Ltd (Not Certified)
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    Tried on 1 PC so far.... no issues

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    I've been using XP SP3 since about Tuesday morning, and I haven't noticed anything different after the installation completed

    I had read horror stories, but I would expect that may be due to missing udpates between SP2 and this latest update
    I had that happen previously, then uninstalled all the updates back to SP1, then reinstalled them all in order as per the Windows Updater

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    SP2 is working perfectly for me so i'm not going to bother upgrading just yet.

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    Sp3 here, not noticed anything +ve or -ve
    [Any views expressed on this forum are my own, and may not represent the views of any organisation that I own or am connected with.]

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    Put SP3 onto a clients machine at the weekend, all seems to be fine
    Jon Roberts, M.D of RackSRV Communications Ltd
    UK specialists in Dedicated Servers, Colocation & Rackspace
    Company: 06856870 VAT: GB 934 7073 15 Tel: 0330 229 1000

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    SP3 for over two weeks now seems solid to me!
    Chris Daley
    DWebs Ltd :: Company No. 05603664 :: 08000 141 942
    DHosting.uk - Shared/Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Managed Hosting Solutions

    My views are my own and not those of my company.

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    Fireball Hosting (Not Certified)
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    I have installed SP3 on my desktop and noticed zero problems with it.

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    no problems on laptop / desktop mixes ...

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    Thanks,all - Bit the bullet and put it on my machines a week or so ago and no problems at all. In fact, I don't know of *anyone* who has had a SP3 problem. Seems sensationalist "journalism" isn't just limited to Terror any more

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    WirralNet (Not Certified)
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    I waited a few weeks, but heard nothing bad from people I knew who were running it from day one, so I installed it on my work laptop on the 27th May and had absolutely no problems.

    Not noticed any improvements mind, other then the odd thing here and there in the OS interface, but nothing bad is always a good sign.

    And to think, ive always been of the philosphy of "dont fix something that isnt broke"...

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    I'm a Newbie
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    Unless you're running any AMD CPU, you should be fine with it.
    It has been reported that it had issues with those (endless reboots and other "goodies").
    It provides some security enhancements mostly, not many new things in it.
    Here's an overview: www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=68c48dad-bc34-40be-8d85-6bb4f56f5110

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    I'm a Newbie
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    Post Re:

    I have been using SP2 since 3 years and it is good than vista. I heard SP3 is good but not compare to SP2.

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